Credit Card Companies are eliminating signatures.
Passwords are being replaced by facial recognition.
Thermostats are now controlled by smartphones.
Is your DDI still using the provider of the dial-up modem days?

Automated DDI to transform data centers from fragile to agile.
Innovation to deliver dramatic improvements in NetOps.
Better than the best DDI software provider at half the price.
Born in the cloud, for the cloud, secures and automates the cloud.


A Modern DDI that is endlessly scalable 
A Paradise for DDI DevOps with RESTAPI functionality,
The best DDI suitable for Machine Learning.
Seamless integration with AWS, Azure, Google.



 TCPWave discovery auto-populates your entire IPAM.
TCPWave can customize the IPAM for your specific needs.
The dashboard for DNS and DHCP management is the best.
You can manage DNS and DHCP from your smartphone.
DNS Firewall, RPZ, AD Integration, DNSSEC, Views and much more.

Datacenter Network Automation

TCPWave, unlike others, provides over 675 RESTAPI calls to integrate your DNS and DHCP infrastructure in the next generation  datacenters where network automation, cloud adoption and security play an important role. It’s time to evolve out of legacy PERL based IPAMs. Click here to see our RESTAPI documentation.

On Demand DNS and DHCP

With TCPWave IPAM’s Cloud Aware technology, you can easily instantiate TCPWave’s DNS and DHCP appliances on demand. You will be amazed to see the responsive framework based on Google’s Material Design auto-provision DNS instances in the cloud using zero touch provisioning.

Monitoring your Core Infrastructure

TCPWave IPAM Release 11.12 P2 gives you a rich responsive dashboard with various charts and reports. It also  allows you to send alerts from your entire DNS Infrastructure to EMC SMARTS, IBM Tivoli, HP NNM. The powerful global options facilitate this seamless integration. Contact us to learn more.


TCPWave dramatically improves DNS performance and eliminates DNS change propagation delays.


TCPWave’s DNS Firewall, DDOS protection and SSL based secure management protect you from online threats.


TCPWave IPAM helps identify normal DNS and bot attacks that isn’t accessible to conventional analytics technologies.

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Accelerate into the future of multi-cloud DNS using TCPWave’s advanced DDI.

TCPWave delivers speed and security to meet the market demands for secure networks.

Born in the Cloud, Made for the Cloud. Awarded top 25 Cyber Security company 2017

Manage AWS Route53

Extend your DNS infrastructure into AWS Route53 public cloud via the TCPWave IPAM. AWS Route53 is one the major cloud vendors providing DNS services. You can use the TCPWave IPAM to manage your Route53 DNS, and provision TCPWave VPC DNS instances as and when required from TCPWave IPAM. Every change in AWS is audited by the TCPWave IPAM.

Manage Google Cloud

TCPWave allows you to manage your datacenter DNS data and Google Cloud DNS resources in one place. Keep your datacenter resource records and Google cloud resource records always in sync using TCPWave DDI. Scale up or scale down TCPWave DNS instances in Google cloud with a simple mouse click.

Manage Azure

TCPWave IPAM integrates with Azure Cloud to provide unmatchable DNS and instance provisioning functionality with auditing of all DDI actions in Azure. With TCPWave IPAM, it is possible to manage all your Azure resource groups from a single interface. Combine your Azure DNS with TCPWave on demand Azure DNS instances to architect a robust digital network.

Manage DynDNS

With the TCPWave IPAM, you can leverage one of the major, battle-proven Managed DNS services – DynDNS. Have a DynDNS account? Then you are just one step away of utilizing it along with other cloud providers from a single interface. Just add your Dyn API credentials in TCPWave DDI and start managing it. Leverage our intelligent API based management software and scale up your resiliency against DDOS.

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